Gavin is growing again! We’ve added several new faces over the past few months, so it seemed we were due for some introductions. While we could give you their bios and backgrounds and alma maters, we wanted to dig a little deeper.

We asked each teammate to tell us 3 Things About You… and this is what we got.

Get to know our newest team members!


Chris Drinkut

Integrated Project Manager

1. When not at work, I enjoy Frisbee golf, reading and spending time with my family.

2. I am a fan of saucy pizza; recommendations are welcome.

3. I’m an Indiana native, but have been managing online advertising, website strategy and maintenance for a company in Lancaster prior to Gavin. I’m looking forward to getting out to more York City activities!


Skye Leppo

Public Relations Coordinator

1. I am a sucker for dad jokes or puns.

2. I can usually be found listening to music at HMAC or enjoying guacamole and margaritas from El Sol.

3. I am a shameless junkie for all things related to Philly or Harrisburg.


Cody Bannon

Junior Graphic Designer

1. I’m a type nerd. I annoy most of my friends and family by naming fonts at random times and thumbing my nose at poor font choices in public.

2. At any given time, my browser tabs will contain buying car parts, memes from ’90s cartoons, or thesaurus searches for words I shouldn’t need to look up (in that order).

3. If you ever want to befriend me, be prepared to get spammed with pictures of my cat.


Bradania Harrington

Business Administrative Assistant

1. You’ll find me downtown A LOT — a smoothie at Cherie Anne’s Courtyard Cafe, pizza at BrewVino, coffee at Green Bean or Take 5, and yoga at House of Yoga.

2. Outside of work, I love plants and gardening.

3. I am passionate about rescuing animals from the SPCA — Adopt, don’t shop!


Sam Rodriguez

SEO Intern

1. While finishing my degree, I ran my own online business selling handmade hair bows.

2. I’m a Disney dork. More specifically, I love Disney villains. My favorite is The Evil Queen (in aesthetics only, not motivation).

3. In my free time, I love to sew while binging on YouTube videos.