Gavin™, a digitally minded public relations and marketing agency with headquarters in York and offices in Harrisburg, is pleased to announce that two of its clients’ key projects were recognized by the Central Penn Business Journal’s Nonprofit Innovation Awards in a ceremony held March 9, 2017.

York County History Center took home a win in the “Brand Identity/Unique Marketing Campaign” for its recent rebranding, an effort led by Gavin’s team of brand strategists who oversaw the comprehensive brand development project. Family First Health was awarded runner-up in the same category for the “Fuel A Healthy Body” campaign, developed by Gavin and focused on an engaging cast of characters that educated the public about what it means to live better lives in better health.

“Our team is ecstatic to share in these awards with our clients,”” said Gavin CEO Mandy Arnold. “Great partnerships produce the best outcomes, and we’re proud to work alongside clients who are open to innovative approaches to branding and disruptive marketing. Congratulations to our team on their creativity and strategic thinking that delivered big for both of our clients.”

From creative investigation to crafting language that would tell York County History Center’s story in a fresh way, the Gavin team defined a new brand persona and comprehensive strategy, executing the vision through a set of brand tools across print, digital and social media platforms. Read more about the York County History Center case study.


The “Fuel A Healthy Body” campaign began as a challenge to refresh the current marketing campaigns for Family First Health. Based on knowledge of target audiences and the health center’s reputation as a friendly, approachable brand, our team crafted a cast of characters with lively personalities to engage employees and external audiences around a message of preventative care. Read more about the “Fuel A Healthy Body” case study.


The 18th annual Nonprofit Innovation Awards honors local 501(c)(3) organizations of all sizes and their executives demonstrating innovation in their daily operations.

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