Gavin President/CEO Talks to PSATS About Managing Media Relations

Properly managed media communications are making and breaking trust in leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Proactive, effective and strategic messaging requires collaborative forethought, especially in regard to township and municipal leadership.

Mandy Arnold, President and CEO of GavinTM, spoke with Jill Ercolino, the managing editor of PA Township News, to discuss how to manage township media communications and how coaching public officials for reporters can better circulate accurate information and updates to your constituents.

“If you’re not putting the facts out there, then someone else will come along and do it for you.”

The Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors works with Gavin to offer classes on proactive approaches to constituent communications, how to control the message and keep publicity opportunities focused on the truth to avoid the rumor mill.

For specific industry tips, the full PA Township News article can be found here.